How Vision Therapy Can Help Kids With Autism

Parents looking to help their autistic child would not normally think of an eye doctor as the first place to go, but maybe they should. Vision Therapy could be just the answer!

Dr. Graebe is a behavioral optometrist whose practice specializes in Vision Therapy, a kind of physical therapy for the eyes, body and brain.

Graebe recently treated an 8-year-old boy with autism. His mother lamented that her son was unable to make eye contact, and the father yearned to play catch with his boy.

At Dr. Graebe’s office, the boy was fitted with yoked prism glasses and promptly looked all around, exploring the new way things looked.

After a few exercises, the boy, for the first time, looked his mother in the eye and rolled a ball with his father.

“Science isn’t smart enough yet to explain these improvements in performance. We just know it works,” Dr. Graebe said.

Like Dr. Graebe, Bellaire Family Eye Care’s Vision Learning Center specializes in Vision Therapy.

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