Ortho-K:  O-One    R-Recipe   T-To     H-Help    O-Our     K-Kids!

Ortho-K HoustonOrtho-keratology, or Ortho-k for short, has been around since the 1960s. It was originally utilized for adults to gently reshape their corneas with rigid gas permeable lenses in order to temporarily improve their vision. Fortuitously, many years later, it was discovered that ortho-k lenses not only corrected myopia but it also slowed down myopia progression.

Since myopia has become a worldwide epidemic with children becoming myopic at a younger age and their prescriptions reaching higher levels than we have ever seen, it is imperative that eye care professionals prescribe treatment plans for their patients that combat myopia onset and progression.

At the Contact Lens Institute of Houston, one of our most common “recipes” for our myopic patients is Ortho-K. In fact, we have currently have several hundred patients successfully wearing Ortho-K lenses! Ortho-k involves wearing custom designed rigid lenses while sleeping. There are many benefits to this treatment:

  • When worn overnight consistently, there will be no need for daytime correction – no glasses or contact lenses.
  • On average, slows down myopia progression by 50%.
  • Parents are able to be “hands on” during their child’s contact lens experience ensuring proper wear, care and hygiene.

Perfect for younger children since contact lens wear only occurs at home and during bedtime.

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