The NeuroSensory Center of Bellaire

Vision is one of the senses and happens to be the most complex as well as critical of our senses.

Visual symptoms sometimes move beyond basic blurriness, at which point testing of one’s vision must reach beyond a routine eye exam.

Bellaire Family Eye Care has established its own NeuroSensory Center.

Sensory View Diagnostic System

The staff at Bellaire Family Eye Care’s NeuroSensory Center utilizes the Sensory View platform of neurological diagnostic tests. This enables us to delve far deeper than a routine eye exam so we can solve the more challenging visual problems.

Sensory View neurosensory diagnostic system is breakthrough technology that provides a complete set of non-invasive, electro-diagnostic tests:

  • Balance
  • Hearing
  • Touch
  • Vision

Through a measurement and mapping of the neurosensory systems the performance, this technology helps us tremendously to identify issues with greater precision.  Equipped with such insightful information, we can more accurately customize a treatment program; and, further we can accurately verify the extent of improvement at various pre-determined intervals.

Exactly what is the human Neurosensory System?

The human brain has so many connections that they number more than the stars in the galaxy!

The body’s nervous system is definitively related to the various senses as listed above.

Our eyes interact with our environment from the end of the vision organ; however, the neural pathways that connect the eyes and the brain are greatly involved in our seeing and processing the world around us.

Learn more about our Bellaire NeuroSensory Center where we measure the visual system’s neural pathways in a very direct manner and incorporate direct measurements of the other dominant senses in order to obtain a clear-cut assessment of your overall sensory health.

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