Dr. Tucker – Vision Correction Contact Lens Specialist

Dr. Tucker – Vision Correction Contact Lens Specialist

Unfortunately, there are patients that have not had vision correction success in wearing contact lenses. Generally, that is because they have not been examined and evaluated by Dr. Tucker – vision correction contact lens specialist. What do they all have in common? They should make an appointment with Dr. Tucker – vision correction contact lens specialist.

Whether there has been dryness, discomfort, actual pain or a lack of ever trying…there is often the thought of, “I can’t find the little things I am looking for!” Others may have been told they are just not good candidates for contact lens wear. The reasons are varied but most commonly it is due to an irregular cornea or disease affecting tear film. And the lack of having seen vision correction contact lens specialist.

There are leaves on the trees and grains of sugar in your lap! Contact lens wearers are often amazed by what they see because of the vision correction achieved…and, the new sense of freedom this vision correction brings. It’s as if the world just opens up.

Now, these patients that have been left out can be hopeful because of Dr. Ashley Tucker. Serving the community as a vision correction contact lens specialist at Bellaire Family Eye Care, Dr. Tucker utilizes the latest advances contact lens technology and fitting strategies for ultimate vision correction without surgery.

Most people who require vision correction don’t know the history of contact lenses. They began as little glass lenses that one must build a tolerance to. They could be dangerous because of their content and also because the eye cannot breathe sufficiently during use. But wait – that is not all true. Contact lenses were made of glass, blown glass, but they were not tiny. They began as rather large in diameter covering the visible portion of the eyes and were only tolerable for a couple of hours at most. Read more about history and Dr. Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick who, in 1887, put contacts on a rabbit!

Realistic use of contact lenses did become a popular alternative during most of our lifetimes. Since then, strides in material production led to the introduction of the soft lens and gas permeable lenses which allowed an increased number of patients to wear them comfortably. New lenses with the ability to “breathe”, that is to allow oxygen to flow through the membrane, yet hold their shape and moisture brought another group of patients to enjoy contact lens wear. More recently, perhaps as a product of our interest in anything vintage, the very old idea of a larger lens is gaining in popularity.

Why go bigger? There are lots of good reasons but the most exciting reason is that while sitting on the white of the eye the center of the lens does not have to touch the cornea! A layer of saline fills the gap and now people with irregular or very sensitive corneas can seriously have a look at wearing contacts. That means that patients with dry eye syndrome, graft vs. host disease, Sjogren’s syndrome, Stevens Johnson syndrome, and neurotrophic keratopathy  or those who have some inflammatory conditions, including limbal stem cell deficiency and ocular cicatricial pemphigoid, which also cause serious damage to the front surface of the eye  can now be able to see well and be comfortable!

Dr. Tucker is a premier vision correction contact lens specialist in the Sclerer Lens and in many types of lens for the more challenging conditions that some of us face.

Patients with a variety of conditions now have an immensely greater chance of being able to wear contact lenses if they see vision correction contact lens specialist Dr. Ashley Tucker.

Eye care and contact lens applicability, technology and safety have come a very long way since 1887. Ask vision correction contact lens specialist Dr. Tucker at Bellaire Family Eye Care today if you are an eligible candidate for contact lenses!

Perhaps you have had some serious difficulties wearing contact lenses or have been told that you are ineligible to try. You can learn more about the scleral lens or other possible options in order to be properly fitted with contact lenses by contacting Dr. Tucker as your vision correction contact lens specialist at Bellaire Family Eye Care.

Ask Dr. Tucker at Bellaire Family Eye Care today if you are an eligible candidate!

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