Daily Vision Vlog: Convergence Insufficiency

Today Dr. Voss discusses convergence insufficiency and how it impacts students. Convergence insufficiency is an eye condition that affects 10-15% of people and worsened when using digital devices. It is a condition where the eyes easily get fatigued and lose their alignment when doing up close work.

Symptoms can include fatigue with reading, eye strain, words start moving or doubling, blurry vision, and headaches. If you notice your child rubbing their eyes a lot or closing one eye, that can be a sign of convergence insufficiency.

This is the most common binocular vision disorder and can have a big impact on a student’s learning ability. Convergence insufficiency typically develops in school-age children, including high school and college age students. It is important to be on the lookout for it in your children since it can have a serious impact on learning success.

The optometrists at Bellaire Family Eye Care are able to diagnose and treat convergence insufficiency. Part of the treatment might include vision therapy at the Vision Learning Center.

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